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  • The new methodology Doctor Laser

    The innovative Doctor Laser method that the prof. Parra has developed since 1988, is a third way for discopathy, muscular pathologies, ligaments and tendons, useful when traditional physical therapies are not effective and if you want to avoid surgery. In short, a surgical derivation intervention, which however does not cut. No scalpel, but several sessions of micro applications with the laser.

    High power laser

    Painless treatment

    Fast recovery times

    Quick treatment (on average 2 courses of treatment are sufficient)

    Times and methods

    Doctor Laser

    Duration and number of sessions is always modulated according to the patient and the pathology to be treated.
    The therapy involves a certain number of microsessions, so called for the duration which is very short due to the high power.
    Most treatments can be divided into two phases.


    Functionality is restored
    Average duration: 3 days / 3 microsessions per day


    Stimulates the elasticity of structures
    Average duration: 3 days / 3 microsessions per day